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FIRST is a robotics community that prepares young people for the future. As the world’s leading youth-serving nonprofit advancing STEM education, FIRST has combined the rigor of STEM learning with the fun and excitement of traditional sports and the inspiration that comes from the community through programs that have a proven impact on learning, interest, and skill-building inside and outside of the classroom. Your regional FIRST LEGO League partners, supported by the Cox Science Center and Aquarium and Stiles Nicholson Foundation organize a season of events to include scrimmages, qualifiers, and a regional tournament. We provide up-to-
date communication from FIRST, team training, and team support.

Check with your school library, or local community organization to see if there is already a team in your area. If not, starting one is fun and easy! For more information on starting a team, visit or email us at or

Start A Team

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How to Volunteer

As part of our global robotics community, FIRST® volunteers empower students to embrace discovery, innovation, and collaboration. They work side by side with FIRST participants to develop their leadership and problem-solving skills and foster self-confidence. FIRST volunteers energize and inspire the next generation to use these skills to build a better future – and along the way, volunteers get energized and inspired themselves.

Learn more and register to become a volunteer here.


Additional Questions?

For additional information please contact and


1. Coaches must register their team at

2. Coaches register with with Cox Science Center League

3. Attend coaches meetings and/or trainings

4. Register for local events through Cox Science Center


Once your team is registered with FIRST, join the Cox Science FIRST LEGO League for local support, monthly coaches' chats, and the opportunity to participate in SUPERPOWERED events in your area.

Register for Cox Science League