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Science and Tech Camps are back in session this Season!

We have opened up new spots for some of our previously sold-out weeks! Check below for availability.

Please email to go on a waitlist for an age group that is currently full.


Before registering your child for camp, please review our refund policy HERE.


Upcoming Summer Camps:

May 29th - June 2nd - Engineering Through the Ages (Science Adventure Camp, ages 5-12) - Calling all junior engineers! During this week of camp you will learn about some of the earliest inventions all the way to present-day engineering projects. Learn how engineers are making science fun and exciting by building your own models of current and future projects! (Non-member $300 | Members will receive an 8% discount)

May 29th - June 2nd - The Jedi Code (Tech Camp, ages 7-12) - Enter the world of the Jedi and Sith and learn basic coding skills in this Jedi master-themed coding camp. (Non-member $325 | Members will receive an 8% discount)

June 5th - 9th - Jr. Chemist Academy (Science Adventure Camp, ages 5-12) - Want to test your knowledge in chemistry? Join us for our Jr. Chemist Academy camp where you get to learn about exciting chemical concoctions while doing fun experiments all week long. (Non-member $300 | Members will receive an 8% discount) - 5-6 and 7-9 year old groups are almost full

June 5th - 9th - 3D Print Your World (Tech Camp, ages 7-12) - Learn how to transform fantasies into reality while learning essential 3D printing and laser cutting techniques. (Non-member $325 | Members will receive an 8% discount) - 7-9 year old group is FULL

June 12th - 16th - Dino RAWR! (Science Adventure Camp, ages 5-12) - Learn all about what it takes to be a real paleontologist out in the dig pits. RAWR into this week-long camp and dust off fun facts about dinosaurs including some of the newer discoveries! (Non-member $300 | Members will receive an 8% discount)  - new 5 - 6 year old spots available!

June 12th - 16th - A-MAZE-ing Robotics (Tech Camp, ages 7-12) - Learn the basics of programming while working towards building and programming robots to complete a maze obstacle course that participating junior engineers will build themselves. This camp will surely be a-MAZE-ing. (Non-member $325 | Members will receive an 8% discount)  - 7-9 and 10-12 year old groups are almost full

June 19th - 23rd - Sand-sational Seas (Science Adventure Camp, ages 5-12) - Did you know that we know more about space than we do about our own oceans? Dive deep into our planet’s oceans and what it takes to be an oceanographer and marine biologist during this week-long camp. Learn about the different ocean zones what organisms live there. (Non-member $300 | Members will receive an 8% discount) - new 5-6 year old spots available!

June 19th - 23rd - Blox Rocks! (Tech Camp, ages 7-12) - Roblox fans unite! Join us as we explore the educational side of your favorite video game and make our very own Robloxians. (Non-member $325 | Members will receive an 8% discount)  - 7-9 year old group is FULL

June 26th - 30th -  Declassified: Secret Agent Camp (Science Adventure Camp, ages 5-12) - Following the clues in this week-long camp will teach you what it takes to become a secret agent! Learn the technology forensic investigators use to help them solve crimes and the mental puzzles they put together to keep bad guys off the streets. (Non-member $300 | Members will receive an 8% discount) - 5-6 year old and 7-9 year old groups are FULL

June 26th - 30th - Aspiring Inventor Camp (Tech Camp, ages 7-12) - Calling all budding inventors! Learn how to make a variety of inventions using Makey Makey® in this entertaining week-long camp! (Non-member $325 | Members will receive an 8% discount) - 7-9 year old group is FULL

July 3rd - 7th - Out of this World! (Science Adventure Camp, ages 5-12) - (4-Day Camp, no camp on July 4th) Blast off this planet and become a solar system explorer! In this 4-day camp, you will make new discoveries learning about the planets and stars. Become the next shooting star to travel across the Milky Way and back! (Non-member $240 | Members will receive an 8% discount) - 5-6 year old group is almost full

July 3rd - 7th - Mission: Mars (Tech Camp, ages 7-12) - (4 Day Camp, no camp on July 4th) Get ready for your mission to Mars! Learn all about the technology behind space travel and the rovers that roam around the Martian surface in this week-long camp. (Non-member $260 | Members will receive an 8% discount)

July 10th - 14th - Microscopic Mania (Science Adventure Camp, ages 5-12) - Discover a tiny unseen world by examining specimens under a microscope! During this week-long camp, you will create your own slides to zoom in on everyday objects and even your own DNA. (Non-member $300 | Members will receive an 8% discount) - 5-6 year old group is FULL

July 10th - 14th - Level Up! (Tech Camp, ages 7-12) - Ever wonder how your favorite video games are made? Learn all about this and more in this week-long tech camp where we explore the science behind making video games. (Non-member $325 | Members will receive an 8% discount)

July 17th - 21st - Sur-FIN Safari (Science Adventure Camp, ages 5-12) - Calling all junior Marine Biologists! Interested in learning more about what life can be found in our oceans? Grab your dive gear and take a deep dive to explore the different organisms that call our ocean home! What’s the difference between fish, sharks, plankton, and marine mammals? You’ll discover all this and more. (Non-member $300 | Members will receive an 8% discount)  - 5-6 year old group is FULL

July 17th - 21st Sci-Fi to Sci-FACT (Tech Camp, ages 7-12) - Join us as we explore the many ways that science fiction became science fact while diving deeper into our Science Fiction, Science Future exhibit. Explore cyborgs, holograms, and more in this futuristic adventure. (Non-member $325 | Members will receive an 8% discount)

 July 24th - 28th - Modern Marvels (Science Adventure Camp, ages 5-12) - What makes a super hero, a super hero? Is it their speed? Their strength? Ability to fly? Learn about the science behind some of our favorite super heroes and what makes them successful in saving the world. (Non-member $300 | Members will receive an 8% discount)  - new 5-6 year old spots available!

July 24th - 28th - Pokécode (Tech Camp, ages 7-12) - Learn the science behind how your favorite Pokécode characters are created, while acquiring more coding skills in this pocket monster-themed coding camp. (Non-member $325 | Members will receive an 8% discount)  - 7-9 year old group is FULL

July 31st - August 4th - What's Up, Doc? (Science Adventure Camp, ages 5-12) - Dream of becoming a doctor? Listen to your heart and learn more about the human body in this week-long camp. During this camp you’ll learn how your body tries to protect you from colds and injuries, along with the important jobs your body assigns to certain organs. (Non-member $300 | Members will receive an 8% discount)   - new 5-6 year old spots available!

July 31st - August 4th - Build-a-Bot (Tech Camp, ages 7-12) - Learn about engineering design and the basics of programming as you build a LEGO robot. Test your skills on our FIRST LEGO League robot challenge course! (Non-member $325 | Members will receive an 8% discount)  - 7-9 year old group is FULL

August 7th - 9th - Summer Fun Days (Science Adventure Camp, ages 5-12) - During this three-day camp, we will explore the best parts of all the summer camps offered during the 2023 summer season. The camp will conclude with our annual field day extravaganza to celebrate a season of fun and friendship! (Non-member $180 | Members will receive an 8% discount)


*Starting this summer, CSCA will be using a new camp registration system. We hope the new system will improve the registration experience by streamlining the process and giving you better access to important information. We will also be able to store your registration information for future use. Please note that you will need to set up a new account upon your first time using the new system.  

Please click the button below to access the new Camp Registration portal:

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Camp Information:

Please be aware payment is due at the time you register for a camp session. If you have an outstanding balance your spot is subject to cancellation until the previously owed balance is paid in full. 

Camp runs from 9:00am-4:00pm, with drop off from 8:30am-9:00am and pick up from 4:00pm-4:30pm. Before/Aftercare is 7:30am-9am and 4pm-5:30pm for an additional $15 per day.

Age groups for camps: 5-6 (Select Science Camps Only), 7-9, and 10-12

Late fee policy: The latest pick-up for camp is 4:30 p.m. The grace period is 10 minutes. After the grace period, an instant flat fee of $5.00 will be charged. In addition to the flat fee, $3.00 will be charged per minute.

For our full refund policy, click here

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For a sample weekly camp schedule, please click here. All camp schedules are subject to change. Not all camp age groups / tech camps will follow the same schedule.   


Camp Scholarships:

We do not currently have any camp scholarships available. Any updates will be posted here.


Rockin' Reviews

"My 7-year-old son has been attending science summer camp at the museum for 6 weeks and he absolutely loves it. Every week has a different theme and he’s made a lot of new friends. I love that the counselors are very attentive and seem to enjoy their jobs. We’ll definitely be coming back next summer!"

"After attending tech camp, my daughter now has a love for learning she never had before and feels more confident with new things."

"Science Center Camp offers a perfect mix of fun and learning! Both of our kids loved the outdoor and indoor exhibit exploration and the weekly themed science lessons."