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Human Brain exhibit imageJourney Through the Human Brain Exhibit

The Cox Science Center in collaboration with the FAU Brain Institute opened the world's most advanced neuroscience exhibit in 2019; continuing to inspire a new generation of scientists, technologists, and medical professionals. Journey Through the Human Brain features the latest researcg and innovations, with high-tech displays, immersive experiences, and state-of-the-art equipment. 

Other collaborators include the University of Minnesota, Scripps Florida, Max Planck Florida Institute for Neuroscience, CareerSource, and several other national and international partners. Funded by our generous supporters below and you!

Journey Through the Human Brain is a 2,500 square foot, permanent exhibition located in the west wing of the Science Center. It contains 30 interactive installations, has been in development for three years and cost $2.5 million to produce. It takes a bottom-up approach to tell the story of the human brain, from the molecular level to the integrated circuitry that reveals how the brain informs our senses, creates our thoughts and emotions, and how it has evolved into the most complex structure in the universe. The exhibit delves into disorders of the brain and highlights ground-breaking research taking place today at world-famous brain research centers located in Palm Beach County.

Major funders include: the Quantum Foundation, Stiles-Nicholson Foundation, John and Heidi Niblack, Robert and Christine Stiller, PNC Bank, Marmot Foundation, and Palm Health Foundation.

Journey Through the Human Brain has been developed through a partnership with Dr. Randy Blakely, who directs the Brain Institute at Florida Atlantic University, and also features significant hands-on participation from Max Planck Institute of Neuroscience and Scripps Florida Institute. It is the most advanced exhibit on the human brain at any museum in the world. Because of relationships with leading brain research institutions in Palm Beach County, the exhibit can be updated as new developments in neuroscience research occur.

Exhibit label copy, graphics, voiceovers and videos are available in both English and Spanish. Visitors to the exhibition will learn about ways they can adopt a ‘healthy brain’ lifestyle and students will be encouraged to consider careers in the health sciences.

Get a glimpse at the educational impact by clicking here to view an inspiring feature produced by the Palm Beach County School District.

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