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Saturday, April 13th, 2024

We are pleased to announce that the 37th Annual Engineer It! Competition will be held on Saturday, April 13th, 2024 at the Cox Science Center and Aquarium!

Engineer It! is an annual engineering design competition jointly presented to students in grades 1 - 12 by the Florida Engineering Society & the Cox Science Center and Aquarium. $5,000 in cash and prizes awarded to winners in elementary, middle and high school categories! 

2024 Competition Categories:

  • The perfect egg container to protect it from a 3-story fall (Drop It)
  • A thrilling roller coaster (Thrill It) 
  • Build a perfectly buoyant boat (Float It)
  • The ultimate water bottle rocket (Launch It)
  • Build the most effective water filter (Clean It)
  • A boat that runs on solar energy (Power It) - THIS EVENT IS FULL. REGISTRATION FOR POWER IT IS CLOSED.
    • This event will be limited to 32 teams of 1 - 6 students each. Registrations will be filled on a first-come-first-served basis until all spots are filled. A required kit of materials will be provided and available for pick-up at the Science Center. Kits must be acquired prior to the day of the competition.


Download the 2024 Rules and Regulations


Competition Schedule:

*Early check-in opens at 7:00am

*Morning sessions 9:00am - 1:00pm

*Break 12:00pm - 1:00pm

*Afternoon sessions 1:00pm - 3:00pm

*Judges' Review 3:00pm

*Awards ceremony at 4:00pm

*Schedule subject to change dependent on number of competitors

*Registrations are now closed*

Teachers or those registering large groups may also use the Group Registration Form

Questions? Email or call (561) 370-7705

Other important details:

You may be photographed for Science Center media purposes throughout the competition. By registering to compete, you are giving photo consent. If you do not wish to be photographed, notify the staff members at the registration tent when you arrive.

PLEASE CARPOOL if you can as parking is limited. 


Check out highlights from previous years and see the winners from last year's competition!

2023 Engineer It! Winners:

Drop It!


1st Gavin Chan, Limestone Creek, 39.0 g

2nd Bridget Bickel and Zoe Munoz, Coral Sunset, 49.5 g

3rd Tate Fusselman, Homeschool, 101.4 g


1st Brody Brouillette, Homeschool, 89.3 g

2nd Kaya Yalman, Woodlands, 99.4 g

3rd Nevan de Berry, Florida Virtual, 131.3 g


1st Gabby Bowles, Homeschool, 24.2 g

2nd Lily Landstrom, FAU, 55.4 g

3rd Tyler Brouillette, Homeschool, 58.3 g


Clean It!


1st Paxton Fusselman, Homeschool, 0.84 TU

2nd Dayyan Godfrey, Homeschool, 1.07 TU

3rd Eben Fusselman, Homeschool, 1.31 TU


1st Jelani Mason & Breanna Turner, Highlands Christian, 4.75 TU

2nd Eben Fusselman, Homeschool, 7.49 TU

3rd Nevan de Berry, Florida Virtual, 7.53 TU


1st Lily Landstrom, FAU, 1.59 TU

2nd Lucas Van Ryzin, Seminole Ridge, 2.83 TU

3rd James Van Ryzin, Homeschool, 5.19 TU


Float It!


1st Gavin Chan, Limestone Creek, 390 pennies

2nd Jayden Chan, Limestone Creek, 374 pennies

3rd Damian Elias, Freedom Shores, 293 pennies


1st Preston Lau, Homeschool, 286 pennies

2nd Nevan de Berry, Florida Virtual, 263 pennies

3rd Lilly Brouillette, Homeschool, 247 pennies


1st Sebastian Koch, Suncoast, 277 pennies

2nd Logan Brouillette, Homeschool, 256 pennies

3rd Nicolas White, Jupiter Community, 246 pennies


Launch It!


1st Nicolas Vizaino Dominguez, New Horizons, 9.3 sec

2nd Levi Jean Pierre, Freedom Shores, 8.28 sec

3rd Ava Elias, Freedom Shores, 7.81 sec


1st Preston Lau, Homeschool, 5.35 sec

2nd Isaiah Massaro and Daniel Lanes, 4.08 sec

3rd Zoe Louis, 3.85 sec


1st James Van Ryzin, Homeschool, 7.80 sec

2nd Xavier Van Ryzin, Seminole Ridge, 5.45 sec

3rd Lucas Van Ryzin, Seminole Ridge, 5.13 sec


Thrill It!


1st Paxton Fusselman, Homeschool, 85 points

2nd Thorian Dery, Freedom Shores, 65.6 points

3rd Gavin Chan, Limestone Creek, 64.03 points


1st Mariam Andrews, Caleb Heyman, Josiah Knorr, Andy Saal, FLAME Homeschool, 83.78 points

2nd Tate Fusselman, Eben Fusselman, Paxton Fusselman, Dayyan Godfrey, Homeschool, 78.00 points

3rd Preston Lau, Homeschool, 47.42 points


1st Gabby Bowles, Homeschool, 87 points

2nd Elana de Berry, Park Vista, 78.6 points

3rd Lily Landstrom, FAU, 57.2 points


Power It!


1st Eben Fusselman, Homeschool, 152 feet


1st Steven Parker, Suncoast, 156 feet


Engineer It! 2022 Recap and Awards Video


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