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Jr Naturalist - Feb 25th, 2023 - Habitat Evaluation

February 25th, 2023 - Habitat Evaluation:

"Come learn about the exciting habitats that are found in Florida and what lives there. You will also what makes a perfect habitat and how you can create your own perfect habitat at home!"

Saturday, February 25, 2023
Regular Price: $20.00
Member Price: $15.00

Jr Naturalist - March 25th, 2023 - Conservation Methods

March 25th, 2023 - Conservation Methods:

"Calling all future wildlife biologist and scientist! Come learn about the past and current methods that biologist uses to protect and preserve wildlife like panthers, bears, and American Crocodiles. See what gear they use to track these animals and learn about what methods have worked."

Saturday, March 25, 2023
Regular Price: $20.00
Member Price: $15.00

Jr Naturalist Program - April 29th, 2023 - Native Plants

April 29th, 2023 - Native Plants: 

"Interested in creating a native habitat in your backyard? Come learn about the native plants of Florida and how they are beneficial to our local wildlife. Learn how they are easier to maintain than the non-native plants brought in by other nurseries. During this program, you will also have the opportunity to gain volunteer hours by help the Cox Science Center and Aquarium plant a butterfly garden." 

Saturday, April 29, 2023
Regular Price: $20.00
Member Price: $15.00

Jr Naturalist Program - May 27th, 2023 - Endangered Species

May 27th, 2023 - Endangered Species: 

"Do you know why some plants and animals are listed threatened, endangered, or extinct in the wild? Come learn about the difference between their conservation status and why and an animal would be listed as Endangered. Learn about the impacts humans and invasive species have on the survival of native wildlife."

Saturday, May 27, 2023
Regular Price: $20.00
Member Price: $15.00