Solar Eclipse Party

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Monday, August 21st 10am - 3pm

Join us for an astronomical event that hasn't been seen in the U.S. in decades! This will be the first total solar eclipse viewable from the continental United States in 99 years, and Florida won’t see another total solar eclipse until 2045. Florida residents will be able to view the solar eclipse at 81 percent totality, which means the moon will almost completely cover the sun.

**UPDATE** Due to extremely high demand and limited supply, we are only providing 1 pair of solar glasses per family or group of 4. The eclipse will happen over several minutes, giving viewers an adequate amount of time to safely share the glasses. Our staff will be handing out agendas that highlight how to correctly use solar glasses for sharing. NEVER LOOK DIRECTLY AT THE ECLIPSE WITH YOUR NAKED EYE OR SUNGLASSES. This can cause severe retina damage.

Want to view the eclipse safely the entire time, without glasses? Click here for an easy DIY solar eclipse pinhole projector!

Activities happening between 10am - 3pm: 

  • Solar Eclipse Corona Art contest from 10am – 2pm. First prize is a travel scope sun observing telescope by Eclipse Smart!
  • Big Sun Vs. Small Moon Hands-on Activity.
  • Special Eclipse Program at our Science on a Sphere exhibit at 2pm. Immediately after, we will go outside and view the eclipse at 2:45pm.  

Stay up to date with the latest information on our event page here.

See you on August 21st!